2017 Hall of Patriots Inductee

Brandon and Virginia W.

In June, we had the privilege of honoring Lisa Freeman, a Gold Star mother who leads the Matthew Freeman Project, as our Patriot of the Month. This month we would like to recognize her incredible daughter and son-in-law, Virginia and Brandon. They are a tremendous military couple who, despite great sacrifice, are supremely dedicated to both their family and our nation.

In 2009, Virginia was completing a successful year at the United States Naval Academy. She had just begun dating Brandon, a Marine from the Naval Academy, when unexpected tragedy struck her family. On August 7th of that year, her brother Matthew Freeman was killed in combat.

Through the grief and challenges, Brandon stood beside her and was the “bright spot” in Virginia’s tumultuous life. Brandon and Virginia got married eight months after the passing of her brother and soon relocated so that Brandon could begin training to receive his elite golden wings.

To preserve the memory of their hero, the couple named their firstborn Matthew. After several deployments and multiple relocations, their second child named Savannah was born in 2014. The family has frequently moved over the years, sacrificing a sense of a permanent home. We know this can be extremely challenging and stressful. However, throughout it all, family and commitment to service remain at the forefront. Brandon continues to serve in the Marine Corps, while Virginia now homeschools their children so that they can spend more time together between deployments.

Though Virginia’s mother thinks about the passing of her son every day, she is thankful for Brandon: a “strong, loving, devoted” man in their lives who emerged in the midst of hard times. We are humbled to see a family that has united to make each other stronger and has served our country through multiple generations. You inspire us all. Thank you for the example you set as true American Patriots.

God Bless You,

Authors Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh established the Military Hall of Patriots to honor the sacrifice service members and their families endure to benefit our country. If you know a special military member or family who you feel is deserving of entry into the Military Hall of Patriots, please click below.