2017 Hall of Patriots Inductee

Lt. Col. Mel M.

Our Military Hall of Patriots inductee for this month is Lt. Col. Mel M., Army National Guard, of Lexington, South Carolina. We are so incredibly thankful for his service to our country. He was nominated by Walter E., who let us know about Mel’s selfless service to others, and his courage under fire in the U.S. Armed Forces.

In 1994, Mel was awarded numerous decorations for his service in support of Iraqi Freedom. As the ranking officer in a convoy under attack, he refused orders to evacuate because two of his men were isolated and pinned down under heavy gunfire. Amazingly, Mel was a communications officer not subject to ground operations, and thus had no combat experience.

Despite this, he led a small group who lined a flatbed truck with sandbags, drove into a sea of bullets, and saved those men. Sadly, some members of their unit succumbed to their injuries. Walter said, “Rush, I can’t begin to say how admirable Mel is and how proud I am that he is my neighbor. He is always willing to drop whatever he is doing to help me out.”

Recently Mel and his wife adopted their beautiful daughter Callie, and Walter said, “I swear he is the best father I have ever seen.” We are so pleased to let others know about Mel and his family, and their service. Thank you Walter for sharing their story with us.

It is our pleasure to honor Lt. Col. Mel M. in the Hall of Patriots.

God Bless You,

Authors Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh established the Military Hall of Patriots to honor the sacrifice service members and their families endure to benefit our country. If you know a special military member or family who you feel is deserving of entry into the Military Hall of Patriots, please click below.