2018 Hall of Patriots Inductee

Captain Brett Goddard

It is our honor to announce this month’s Hall of Patriots inductee: Captain Brett Goddard of Converse, Texas. Captain Goddard is an exemplary American, continuing to serve his country by diligently leading soldiers, while raising a beautiful family. We are proud to know men like Captain Brett Goddard are representing and protecting America at home and abroad.

Brett’s service began in 2005, when he enlisted as a Combat Engineer before going back to further his education. While attending Utah Valley University he accomplished a dream before returning to the military: marrying his high school sweetheart, Kathryn. Upon graduation, then-Lieutenant Goddard gained recognition by his superiors for his skills and leadership qualities and was elevated to an Officer. As the year concluded, he was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as a leader of Green Berets.

We were humbled to hear Captain Goddard arranged for an American flag to be flown and carried overseas in the name of Rush Limbaugh, at the request of his uncle. In 2015, Captain Goddard tells us the flag had been passed on by many Joint Special Operations Forces while he was deployed in the Middle East. To be honored in such a way by an American hero is truly a gift beyond measure.

Captain Brett and Kathryn have three children together, pictured above, all of whom are big fans of the Rush Revere Series. Goddard says Kathryn serves as his support system and encourager, as well as a beautiful example of character to their three children. We think Captain Goddard and his family set an example for Americans across the country of what true patriotism looks like.

God Bless You,

Authors Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh established the Military Hall of Patriots to honor the sacrifice service members and their families endure to benefit our country. If you know a special military member or family who you feel is deserving of entry into the Military Hall of Patriots, please click below.