2018 Hall of Patriots Inductee

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Bouren

It is our honor to announce this month’s Hall of Patriots inductee: Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Bouren of Fort Belvoir, VA. Not only is he a strong leader in the Army but also an honorable family man of the highest integrity. He is a true hero and we are eternally grateful for his service.

Lt. Colonel Bouren entered the Army straight out of high school in 1992 and has now served for almost 26 years. He married his incredible wife in 1997 shortly after graduating from West Point Academy. After nearly 21 years of marriage, they now have 4 beautiful children: Kayla, Brady, Annaliese and Luke. They are all incredibly bright young patriots and we are honored to hear that they have all enjoyed learning history through the Adventures of Rush Revere Series!

As a family, the Bourens have lived in 9 states across the country, while their father has travelled all around the world serving our nation. In 2003, Lt. Colonel Bouren was deployed as a commander in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he commanded 217 men and served as the mayor of the Al Mansour district in Baghdad. He always carries a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence with him to show to his soldiers. He explains to them that these documents have stood the test of time and it is an honor to carry the torch now in protecting them.

Lt. Colonel Bouren also shared with us that he has been a Rush 24/7 member since 2006 and has not missed a single episode in 12 years! While we are truly humbled by his support, he told us that, “It gives me an honor as a soldier to serve a nation that is filled with patriots like Rush Limbaugh, and I put him at the head of the pack.” Truly, Lt. Colonel Bouren sets an example for us all in what it means to be a patriot.

God Bless You,

Authors Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh established the Military Hall of Patriots to honor the sacrifice service members and their families endure to benefit our country. If you know a special military member or family who you feel is deserving of entry into the Military Hall of Patriots, please click below.