2018 Hall of Patriots Inductee

The Moen Family

It is our honor to announce this month’s Hall of Patriots inductee: the Moen family in Fort Carson, Colorado. Chaplain (CPT) Daniel Moen has served our military diligently over the past 11 years and has been a Chaplain for the past 7 years. After joining the Army as an enlisted soldier following high school, a desire grew in Chaplain Moen to become a minister. Given his history in the military, it only made sense to him to return to the Army as a Chaplain after receiving his formal training. Chaplain Moen has now lived all over the country with his family that continues to persevere through difficult deployments. He will deploy again this summer to Germany.

Sasha, Chaplain Moen’s wife, is a respected leader in their community. She serves as the Family Readiness Group Leader of their Troop within their Squadron at Fort Carson. In this role, she provides support, connection and resources to families during deployments. Additionally, she serves as the President of Fort Carson’s Protestant Women of the Chapel chapter—a women’s fellowship group that is present at almost every U.S. Military installation worldwide.

Chaplain Moen and Sasha have two daughters: Daniella and Hannah. These incredible young patriots have faced the flux of the army lifestyle with amazing grace and resilience. They truly understand the importance of their father’s role in caring for soldiers and their families in times of need. Daniella shared with us that despite the challenges of military life, she has enjoyed the opportunity to travel so much at such a young age. At just 8 years old, she has already lived in Fort Drum, Fort Knox, Fort Lee, and now Fort Carson.

Daniella read all five books in the series and sent a beautiful handwritten note to let us know! Hannah even drew a special picture on the note of Rush Revere and Liberty ‘Rush, Rush, Rushing into History!’. Both of these young ladies truly love to learn and Daniella has a special love for reading. This love for learning was passed down to the girls by Chaplain Moen and Sasha, who are longtime fans of The Rush Limbaugh Show. Chaplain Moen remembers when Rush’s TV show was on-air, and his brother even went to one of its first tapings! When he was in high school, Chaplain Moen’s family would pass around Rush’s books so everyone could read them.

Chaplain Moen and Sasha told us, “Our Service Members are, without a doubt, heroes. However, we feel military children are heroes also and set a beautiful example of maturity, grace, and resiliency!” Truly, this entire family is to be admired for its deep patriotism and selfless service to the United States.

God Bless You,

Authors Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh established the Military Hall of Patriots to honor the sacrifice service members and their families endure to benefit our country. If you know a special military member or family who you feel is deserving of entry into the Military Hall of Patriots, please click below.